14:15    Welcome and introduction
      CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY OF HAART (Chair: M. Galli, M. Kurowski)
     14:30    Clinical pharmacology of integrase inhibitors (M. Boffito) download
     15:00    Boosting from ritonavir to cobi (S. Bonora) download
     15:30    Clinical pharmacology of NRTI toxicity: an evolving scenario (G. Di Perri) download
     16:00    Plenary discussion
     16:20    Coffee break
     16:30    Pharmacological considerations on the use of ARVs in pregnancy (D. Burger) download
     17:00    Clinical notes: TDM of antiretrovirals in 2016 (L. Marinaro) download
     17:30    Role of clinical pharmacology in developing countries (M. Lamorde) download
     18:00    Plenary discussion
     18:20    Closing Day 1 Remarks

     LOOKING FORWARD NEW STANDARDS (Chair: M. Andreoni, S. Khoo)
     09:00    Rethinking ARV dosing: PK suggestions and clinical evidence (A. Hill) download
     09:30    Long-acting antiviral agents for HIV treatment (D. Back) download
     10:00    Nanoformulations of antivirals (A. Owen) download
     10:30    Pharmacology of generics (D. Cattaneo) download
     11:00    Plenary discussion
     11:20    Coffee break
     DRUG-DRUG INTERACTIONS (Chair: R. Garraffo, S. Bonora)
     11:30    Drug-drug interactions in the aging patient (C. Marzolini) download
     12:00    Clinical notes: Chemsex and the new wave of drug-drug interactions (M. Bracchi) download
     12:30    Clinical notes: Management of DDIs in the clinical setting (L. Trentini) download
     13:00    Plenary discussion
     13:20    Lunch

     THE HIDDEN WARS (Chair: G. Di Perri, G. Nunnari)
     14:10    HIV beyond plasma viral load (C.F. Perno) download
     14:40    Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in the lymphatic and gut tissues (C. Fletcher) download
     15:10    Intracellular penetration of antivirals: facts and myths (A. D'Avolio) download
     15:40    Plenary discussion
     16:00    Coffee break
      CNS AND HIV/HCV (Chair: A. Antinori)
     16:10    Neurocognitive impairment in HCV chronic infection (S. Letendre) download
     16:40    Neuroefficacy vs neurotoxicity of ARVs (A. Calcagno) download
     17:10    Clinical notes: management of HAART in patients with HAND (P. Cinque) download
     17:40    Plenary discussion
     18:00    Closing Day 2 Remarks

     HCV (Chair: M. Rizzetto, V. Ghisetti)
     09:00    Who is the difficult-to-treat HCV patient nowadays? (J. Rockstroh) download
     09:30    Which role for virologist in DAAs era? (F. Ceccherini-Silberstein) download
     10:00    The Clinical Pharmacology of HCV Drugs in Severe Liver Disease (G. Di Perri) download
     10:30    Beyond HCV cure: reversibility of liver damage (M. Puoti) download
     11:00    Plenary discussion
     11:20    Coffee break
     11:30    Drug drug interactions of new HCV drugs (D. Back) download
     12:00    Clinica notes: management of the HIV/HCV co-infected patient (S. Bonora) download
     12:30    Plenary discussion
     12:50    Course closing remarks (G. Di Perri)
     13:00    CME test